FLOORWOOD advantagies

The following warranty terms and conditions are applicable in any country without any exception to any Florwood laminated flooring. Moreover, any product in any country sold by official Floorwood distributor is subject to the warranty agreement specified hereby.

If the package is lost you can review the warranty terms and conditions at the official Floorwood website in the warranty section or request information at the point of purchase, distributer or directly from Floorwood MF-group.GmbH Kaiser-Friedrich-Stra?e 65, 10627, Berlin.

Visible damage

Before starting the installation the floor should be carefully checked for visible defects. It is advisable to have enough light and under no circumstances defective products should be installed. If any damage is revealed you can report it to the point of purchase in 8 days from the day of the purchase. Furthermore you can address Floorwood office directly; Floorwood MF-group.GmbH Kaiser-Friedrich-Stra?e 65, 10627, Berlin, info@floorwood-group.com

Corresponding warranty claims are not accepted after the foregoing deadline.

Manufacturing defects

If after considering the claim it proves to be a manufacturing defect of laminated flooring Floorwood, the manufacturing company Floorwood MF-group.GmbH would exchange the defective merchandise in accordance with warranty terms and conditions. Actual warranty terms are only limited to exchanging defective Floorwood goods without compensating for any other losses or expenses such as transportation assembling, utilization expenses.

Warranty period

Floorwood laminated flooring is covered by warranty if used in residential facilities and, depending on the type of flooring, in commercial facilities. The term residential facilities imply private housing or apartments for personal use. Commercial facilities include public spaces such as hotels, offices, shops, etc.

Warranty comes into effect from the date of purchase of Floorwood laminate

Additionally Floorwood provides a lifetime warranty (limited to 33 years) for durability of the locking system. This warranty is valid only subject to assembling in strict compliance with the instruction attached to every package of Floorwood laminate, and also provided at the Floorwood official web-site www.floorwood-group.com

Correct choice of placing

Floorwood warranty is valid only if Floorwood flooring is placed in indoor premises suitable for laminated flooring. Warranty can be extended for other types of premises subject to preliminary approval by the manufacturer Floorwood MF-group.GmbH Kaiser-Friedrich-Stra?e 65, 10627, Berlin.

Laminated flooring cannot be used in:

  • Bathrooms, saunas and other facilities with increased humidity;
  • Spaces with direct entrance from the street where there is a risk of damaging with dust, dirt and sand from the street, or water as a result of rain or melting snow;
  • Places with mass gathering of people, machines and cleaning devices (airports, train stations, supermarkets, etc.)

Warranty coverage

  • Wear-resistance: Floorwood company guarantees wear-resistance of the laminated surface including. For V-grooved products the reduction of durability explained by the V-groove itself is not included. Fading is not considered wear. Laminate is light-resistant, but not completely nonfading. All shining covers (paint, coated furniture, car paint) are prone to fading. It is not considered a defect.
  • Stain resistance: Floorwood laminate is resistant to stains, such as red wine, ketchup, etc.

In case of warranty event

In order to receive the warranty compensation it is necessary to send a claim describing the defect to the point of purchase and enclose a sales receipt in the original. Afterwards your claim would be forwarded to the manufacturer Floorwood MF-group.GmbH.

The warranty is only valid for the first-hand buyer, whose name is mentioned in the purchasing documents (if there is no name, the bearer is considered first-hand buyer). The warranty cannot be transferred.

The warranty terms and conditions are only effective if the defect is clearly visible (minimal damage should be no less than 1 sq. cm.), th damage was not caused by careless transportation, improper use or accident as mechanical damage, scratches from furniture rearrangements, etc.

If the claim is considered established Floorwood MF-group.GmbH undertakes to replace the laminated floor with a new one with comparable price and characteristics that would be in stock for the moment of claim fulfilment. Given that the product range in Floorwood collections is constantly changing we cannot guarantee replacement for the exact same color.

Floorwood MF-group.GmbH do not provide or imply any other warranty, except that stated hereby.

Floorwood MF-group.GmbH do not bear responsibility for direct or indirect damage and expenses caused by defective products unless the law of the country of purchase states otherwise. Floorwood MF-group.GmbH do not accept claims relating to assembling, transportation, customs and other expenses.

Warranty provisions

If the defect is caused by improper assembling or utilization rather than production, Floorwood MF-group.GmbH does not take responsibility for the claim. Therefore Floorwood warranty does not cover: improper installation, meaning installation without compliance with Floorwood installation instructions that are printed on the package and official web-site www.floorwood-group.com.

Claims are not granted if

  • Abrasion is situated in the side of the
  • Service instructions are not adhered to or the defect was caused by:
  • Accident or carelessness.
  • Wear and tear cause by heeled shoes.
  • Damage from furniture legs
  • Damage from sand, dust, street dirt and other substances.
  • Damage from water: water-flooding from broken refrigerators, washing machines, kitchen sinks, service-pipes and natural disasters. Also warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by improper installation due to increased humidity of leveling concrete, not using vapor barrier, and also using cleaning machines that use excessive water supply.
  • Improper removal or replacement of planks.
  • Damage caused by vacuum cleaner, castors on chairs or other furniture.
  • Damage caused by animal excrements or other corrosive agents.

Suggestions for customers

  • Have a mudguard doormat to prevent abrasive damage.
  • If water is spilled sop it up as soon as possible.
  • Use protective cover for furniture mounts.

Client memo:

Always keep the sales receipt. If you use special services for installation get a copy of terms and conditions for installation, care provisions and warranty conditions.

Should any warranty issue arise please approach the point of purchase. For any further questions or additional information you can address Floorwood MF-group.GmbH, Kaiser-Friedrich-Stra?e 65, 10627 Berlin directly.

Floorwood MF-group.GmbH reserve the right to investigate the claim on-the-spot, regardless the state of the products. It is prohibited to repair or replace Floorwood planks without preliminary agreement with the manufacturer.