About us

Floorwood Group is a leading producer of wooden construction material in Europe. We design and produce laminated flooring of the highest quality with unique patented characteristics that reflect the latest fashion trends.

In Europe our company’s products are popular among both, the customers and the experts in residential and commercial space. As of today Floorwood products are considered among the best in Germany due to constant improvement of technology that insures the quality of our manufacture.

Floorwood Group has built successful partnerships with enterprises all over the globe. In order to streamline growth the manufacturing and executive branches are concentrated in economic hubs: France, Germany and China.

Floorwood Group pays close attention to ecologic safety on every stage of production, sale and recycling of the product. Our company has always taken initiative in the field of environment protection.

The backbone of Floorwood Group business is lasting tradition of respect and decency. We keep up these ethic values in our daily work within our company and in relation to the outside world.

Brand values. Reviews. Oak design

Floorwood laminate is more than just flooring! It allows you to express your inner world through decoration and bring your personality into life by designing your space. Floorwood gets only positive reviews for all of the wide product range: oak designs and other.



Floorwood laminate complies with strict ecological and quality standards of the EU. Our products are cold-proof, easy to lay and take care of, hygienic and hypoallergic. In particular, Floorwood laminate is popular for its durability and high wear-resistanse.

Emotional values

Floorwood laminate is created for active people who keep up with the latest news, trends and technology. Our customers are independent and creative, they are known for drive to self-fulfillment. Original Floorwood collections would contribute to unique character of your home. Our floor allows you to be free of bias, stereotypes, opinions and rules. Floorwood gives you the right to choose your own universe. It gives you an opportunity to be free and be yourself.

The advantages of Floorwood laminate are:

  • Patented Smart click locking system;
  • High abrasion class and increased thickness;
  • Complete imitation of wooden structure;
  • Hand scrapped effect;
  • Variety of elegant colors;
  • The latest global design trends;
  • Innovative technology and expertise;
  • High performance.

All reviews from Floorwood customers are positive!

There are a lot of opinions about laminate in general, not only Floorwood. Every day people from all over the world experience the excellence of our floor ad we receive stellar feedback. Our laminate is used everywhere, in houses, offices, shops, schools and gyms and we never get any complaints. The customers point out durability, reliability, waterproofness as well a variety of creative design of our laminated flooring.

Oak is the most popular design in our collections.

Floorwood laminate has diverse decors in its collections, we have perfect imitations of different types of wood, stones, reptile skins and even patterned floor of renaissance age. Oak is the most popular design in Floorwood collections. Production of such designs involves precise imitation of massive wood. Bleached, aged, brushed Oaks are considered the most sophisticated decors. The colors of such designs vary from light to dark with well-marked knots and fibers.

One strip oak decors precisely copy the structure of wood and a V-Groove can be used to create an illusion of massive wood. Two strip oak decors look like short planks. The neatly fitted look of such decors makes them one of the best-selling today. The most popular is the 3 strip version. This decors look exactly like hardwood. Floorwood laminated flooring help to create the atmosphere of coziness, vivid energy, light and happiness.