Floorwood flooring. Now German laminate is available in Russia!

Floorwood flooring. Now German laminate is available in Russia!

Lifetime warranty for Floorwood laminated flooring! Floorwood Group implements the latest technological advancements in production of laminated flooring in the biggest commercial centers: Germany, France, China, Switzerland, Belgium and Russia.

The goal of our company is to make high quality flooring affordable. We guarantee quality of our products regardless the country of origin.

Floorwood laminated flooring

Floorwood — is one of the world leading producers of flooring. We think that floor is more than just construction material, it is a variety of emotions and feelings that you get through the decoration. Our products create the aura of comfort and security that give positive emotions.

Technological characteristics are put to constant improvement that guarantees the quality of our floor. German manufacturer performs quality control after production at every factory. Cutting-edge scientific achievements are matched with limitless creativity of our designers who put into life the latest fashion trends.

German laminated floor by Floorwood is characterized by high durability and abrasion resistance. Increased waterproofness allows using Floorwood products even in the kitchen zone.

How to buy Floorwood in Russia

Wholesale purchase of Floorwood is now available not only in Europe, but also in Russia. Floorwood group has an exclusive agent in Russia – a company named Story-City that provides logistic and marketing support and gives the opportunity to buy our products in every big city in Russia. The company has a broad dealer network where Floorwood products are always available by wholesale.

We also pay close attention to our retail customers who can buy our products in our partners’ stores where in addition to classic oak designs there are exclusive collections: vintage floor, tile laminate, different types of grooved laminate and exotic styles. Branded stores would also offer skirting boards, subfloors and other accessories.

Ecological standards of German laminate

Floorwood products comply with the strict European ecological standards. Our products are recommended to use children’s rooms, our floor has 90% of real wood and has a special antistatic surface. It should be mentioned that innovations and improvements of our product did not increase the price, so Floorwood is still affordable for a wide range of buyers.

Floorwood GMBH: We have flooring for any lifestyle!